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The ETRAN Communication board

Comunicting with staff and family was most frustrating for several weeks I could only use my eyes e,g 2 blinks for yes and 1 blink for no. Then I was intoduced to the ETRAN board, I imedietly became quite a expert at it but for some it was difficult to learn. 

The way it worked was the person you were talking to would hold the the board close to their face looking at me through the square, I would look at a letter they would look at which direction my eyes were pointing and ask what colour, I would then look at a coulor which would identify the letter which was  writen down it got so that people could guess the word before I finished spelling it saving precious time.

How to use an ETRAN Comunication Board
This communication board is similar to the one I used for 5 months but the technique to use is the same.
After several weeks I regained a small amount of movement in my left forefinger and thumb so Jeannie and family purchased a laptop and a large mouse that would sit under my finger and with a on screen keyboard I could type out messages or go on line. I found the whole process very time consuming and tiring.
Infogrip - Model BigTrack mouse.

Ernest 29.03.2014 17:44

Am so proud of you Brother. And your wonderful son John x

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Very inspiring

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I can see a rapid improvement as I scroll through these Eddie.
Well done you

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