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Dear friends, I hope that what I have shared encourages and inspires those who have had a stroke or for those who's loved ones have suffered seeing someone suffer a life changing event. My experience is that Life is different is different after stroke, but, can be just as fulfilling as before my hope is that your new lives will be as fulfilling as mine.
Written by Peter Adams on 5. Aug, 2019
Hi Eddie
I was the ( very young ) Radio Officer that sailed around the world with you on the M V Glanelly in 1968. Remember the great times around the Australian coast... Now retired, wish you all the best...Peter
Written by MALCOLM PARKER on 30. Jul, 2016
Hi Eddie,I went to sea with you for quite a few years on the Mermaid. Would be good to hear from you again,hear youve been in contact with Keith GoddardWho lives just down the road from me.Best Regards.MALCOLM.
Written by Wendy Nelson on 10. Mar, 2016
Dear Eddie,

My brother suffered a brain stem stroke almost two months ago. He is coming home next week. He had a swallow test done today and unfortunately is still suffering with silent aspiration so the peg stays for now. I was wondering if you could share what treatments helped you to overcome dysphagia? And at what point in your recovery you were able to eat again. Any information or thoughts would be great. My brother is very discouraged, he is only 46 and his strokes were Afib related.

Thank you,

Written by Josh's Mom on 26. May, 2014
Wow, you are doing a lot for having had a BSS. I haven't read your whole site/blog, but I am impressed. My son had a BSS, but is unable to move, or speak. He is "in there" and has a website he created and maintains. I've included the link.
Written by indi on 17. Apr, 2014
everyone, celeste is totes crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Written by celeste ( eddies aussie granddaughter ) on 15. Apr, 2014
dear grandpa,
you are so great and when you see this plz give me a hug!

P.S. Indigo ( below ) i am not crazy
Written by Celeste friend (Indigo) on 11. Apr, 2014
Celeste Josephine prowse, you are totes cray cray. lolyo
Written by swag man ( celeste ) on 11. Apr, 2014
hi dude you are like toats rad man! i love your story!
Written by indigo on 9. Apr, 2014
Hello, your story is amazing. you came into my classroom today.
Written by Ernest on 29. Mar, 2014
My Dear Brother Ed.
I remember the phonecall from Susan. And I remember at first feeling ad never see or hear from you again, and once I stopped wailing I had a wonderful feeling go through me, an inner force told me to pray for what I really wanted, and its happened hasnt it!!! Ive got me brother back as a GIANT in Spirit and Body!!! X
Written by Ian Bartlett on 14. Mar, 2014
Hi Eddie, your site is amazing, I think your life story should be a film, who would you have play you?
Written by Karl Hitchen on 24. Nov, 2013
Such an inspiring man, you have achieved so much despite the stroke. Everyone is different but with guts, determination and goals in our lives it shows people still have a reasin to fight for survival
Written by David oxleey ex pom on 29. May, 2013
Very insperationEddie it will give meny people the will to try harder we were told not to bother with the arm by sum staff at the hospital but that just made us try Harder.I can see the lord is looking after you,all the very best.
Written by Joanna clare osborne on 19. Jan, 2013
I am crying as I read your story, an amazing human being is what you are to me. Went though very similar, when my daughter was 9 days old. God Bless you Eddie xxx
Written by Dan Englund on 7. Jan, 2013
Hello Eddie, What an amazing story to share. I can relate to your stroke experience as well. My stroke was not as severe as yours but very serious. It is so very important to tell your story as you have because there is many people who just dont know the power of healing physically and spiritually. God bless and look forward to following you on your site. Kind Regards, Dan

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