16.09.13 I've just had a great swim and I mean great as I found myself swimming, as you know I had thought that I'd lost the ability to swim and float but I've kept trying well after two years I finally did it and by the end of the of the session I was managing about 10 mtr. Though very very slowly, I also managed to float quite a way but Louise had to rescue me as my legs wouldn't drop to the bottom which set my laughing off and made me swallow water.
I am very chuffed with this achievement so any one out there who is just setting off on their own post stoke journey Don't give up anything is possible.

I have become quite an activist since my stroke, demonstrating outside the ATOS offices in Norwich March 2014

Ernest Pleban 29.03.2014 17:42

Get in Ed.!!!!

valerie 27.12.2013 19:20

this is great eddie! I also want to swim again in the near future and your post gives me hope.. :)

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29.01 | 10:30

Very inspiring

27.01 | 07:33

I can see a rapid improvement as I scroll through these Eddie.
Well done you

09.09 | 04:40

Thanks for the post, great tips and information which is useful for all.

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