After nine day I was flown home via Turkey and Germany in a Lear Jet. on board was a Doctor, nurse and two pilots. I do not recommend having a stroke to go private.

The day I was to be repatriated was very tense, my son had told me the night before that everything was arranged but I had to have a fit to fly medical in the morning. Around 5am the nurses came to wash me and change my nappy it was so degrading, then I was pushed to another area where a German doctor came and did an examination put omitted to tell me the results, he kept coming back to check me BP but still said nothing I was feeling sick inside thinking that I will be to unwell to fly I began to think that I would die in Dubai if I wasn't allowed to fly I think that I was ready to give up if I couldn’t go home but I couldn’t say or do anything.


Then Jeannie, John and Sarah came in, poor Lila she just couldn’t face seeing me so she stayed outside and looked after Sarah’s youngest. I was so relieved to see them and wanted to ask what was happening but I couldn’t then John said he would go through the alphabet which he did. A,B,C, and on he went I eventually I spelt “left behind” John said no we are following in another plane then Jeannie asked if I meant that I would be left behind ? I blinked once and apparently tears were rolling down my cheeks.

At about mid-day John came rushing in and said that my plane had landed and the medical staff were on their way and in they came two giant white clothed German angels at least that is what I thought. A doctor and male nurse, they were ultra-efficient as they hooked me up to their machines took some photos of the hospital machines which didn’t please the hospital staff ask what time was it that I was last changed, to which the reply came 10am! What a lie I thought, it was five this morning and I had a nappy full, but I couldn’t say anything.

After a blue light tour through the city we safely arrived at the airport it was very hot on the runway I remember the doctor covering my eyes from the sun as they transferred me to the plane which was very small the inside seemed very cramped as well but I was squeezed and strapped in I could see lots of medical equipment to which I was plugged in. The next moment we were in the air on the way home, I remember thinking with great relief “HURRA ON THE WAY HOME”

It wasn’t till much later that I found out that Jeannie wasn’t allowed to travel with for fear that I wouldn’t make it.

I was heavily sedated during the flight but occasionally I would wake up in pain, apparently my legs kept going into spasm which was causing the pain. I also remember the nightmares it was horrifying.

I was awake as we landed in Germany where they cleaned me up; it was most upsetting when the aeroplane door opened and the landing crew they started shouting words like “shitesenhousing” then they took the aeroplane to the other side of the airport to change me at least that’s what I thought as the next thing I knew we were in Norwich and I was alive and 16 hours had past, Praise God.

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