During my time in hospital Jeannie and the family had the unenviable task of preparing the house for my home coming, the prognosis was bleak as it was thought that I would not walk again and would need continuous care with day to day living. The thought of having to have a hospital bed, hoist etc. downstairs was a nightmare for both Jeannie and I

Jeannie had some very difficult decision to make as I was in no fit state to have any serious input, she and the family took some extraordinary steps in order to make me as comfortable as possible on my return Christmas 2011 to the extent of employing an architect to design an extension so that we could have our bedroom down stairs with on suite. The children nominated me for the BBC programme ‘Big Build’ which was unsuccessful, but we had plans galore, I would ask Jeannie to go through the plans every time she visited me it was something that kept my sanity, however, I didn’t realise that the stress of it all was laid fully on Jeannie’s shoulders but she never showed it she was always smiling and full of enthusiasm little did I know that she would cry each time she left me.

One day Jeannie came in and told me that she had decided to demolish the garage to make access easier through the side and that she had organised friends to come and do it, I felt very nervous about this decision and tried to persuade her not to do it, I couldn’t speak at the time and it took an age to communicate this with my ETRAN board but she was adamant I even asked our John to intervene not realising that this would cause some friction between them please forgive me John for putting you in that position but in hind sight mam was right and I am glad she stuck to her guns.

Over the months that I was in hospital Jeannie, family and friends worked very hard clearing the garden, pulling the garage down, tearing out the old kitchen and generally getting ready for the builders to come and start work; the original prognosis of me not walking again and needing care no longer existed my recovery amazed every one which meant that the old plans were laid aside and we ended up with a stair lift, a new kitchen, conservatory, shower and a beautiful back and side garden.

I thank God every day for my loving Wife Jeannie and family and the magnificent friends who rose to the challenge that made my home coming very special.

And the walls come tumbling down Close you eyes if you are a H&S buff. thank you Steve and team.
All hands on deck for clearing the garden
Bacon buties all round.
Cheerio Kitchen it took me years to build and never finished.
Well done you look like a natural builder.
The laying of foundations to the conservatory like the laying of the foundations of a new life.
Finished result, thanks to the builders who helped and supported Jeannie by finding ways of saving money, great job guy's.
Our new and very practical Kitchen

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