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Hello every one, I am making my own scrap book of my life before my stroke, my stay in hospital up to the present day and beyond there will be no order to it but I will date it and tag any names that I can. Although I am doing this for fun it will be good for my well-being and state of mind as I have some fond memories, memories that was nearly deleted when I had my stroke, so please enjoy and remember one only lives once and fond memories should be cherished and shared.
Lila and me on the Olympic bob sleigh track in the France 2002 we are at the back. What a ride I would recommend it to all that is if your heart is OK.
Jeannie 1969 student nurse at GT. Yarmouth Generall.
Our Ruby anniversary Christmas day with all our family in the French Alps (2008)
Sledging in the Alps
Celeste, Felix and Chloe.
In the back ground is Massif du Canigou southern France a mountain that I promised my self I would climb, not so sure now.
Sarah's Christening, dig the comb over and the flairs Eddie
‘Colioure’ our favourite place in the south of France
A very moving moment 04.07.12
Feeding Sting Rays
Margaret River a week before my stroke, Feb 2011.
Caroline House Gym. Learning to walk again with Matt my phyisio
Merry Christmas, my first Christmas at home 2011.
I visit the stroke ward as often as I can, after five months of global weakness the staff are very encouraged by my recovery.
My first walk on a beach since my stroke, Squeaky Beach WA.
Since my stroke I have had to learn all over again i.e. walking, talking, swallowing and more. I am developing a new page showing and explaining some of the hurdles I have had to conquer. The photo above shows the first time that I visited the city without my chair 229.07.13.
My grand children in England
06.08.2014 Cat. Hardy and a midshipman - Norwich Forum
Monster Truck at Kalgoorlie WA.
My first trip off the ward, what you cant see is the Trach nurses with their emergency equipment, gladly I didnt need it.

Linda PetersS 31.10.2017 17:26

My first trip off the ward, what you cant see is the Trach nurses with their emergency equipment, gladly .

Annette Dancer 26.07.2017 20:08

Hi Eddie! Happy memories of a fab time at Calvert Trust 2016. But wheres the photos?? Keep well and happy. Very best wishes, Annette and Erica (The AbFab girls)

Eddie 26.07.2017 20:34

Hi Annette, I sent a load to Erica dust if you message me on face book or email me at il send you them.
Good to hear from you.

Ernest 29.03.2014 17:50

Hey Edward Ive never looked prop at this blog. And im shcked suprised, and amazed, at your journal and travels. Phew. i apology for not being comp literate xxx

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Very inspiring

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I can see a rapid improvement as I scroll through these Eddie.
Well done you

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